Thursday, July 1, 2010

Starting a new room..Daughter's Bedroom

So the story goes as follows...
Daughter goes away and we re do her room (almost every year)
This year we have made the decision to take out the carpet, re paint the walls, do a built in bookshelf and a pocket door for her closet.
Below are some of the during photos because I forgot to take the before photos.....
Step one: was emptying the room, fun times (this is always the time that I use to go through her clothes, toys and papers throwing out or donating what she doesn't use or has out grown)
Step two: (below) took all the posters and pictures off walls, took down shelves

Step three: (below) remove carpet, carpet strips, under padding and staples

Step four : The husband gets this job....remove walls if you re call the walls are all plaster so this will be a dusty messy job that hopefully will only take two days.
Step five: insulation and new drywall / build book shelf beside window (right side)
Step six : mud, sand and paint
Step seven: carpet and trim work
Step eight : move everything back in!!!
And Done!! Now we have to do the work....nothing will go they way I want it to (I am prepared for that) Expected time frame....3 weeks!! The daughter is back so it HAS to be done.

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