Friday, October 23, 2009

Oh wholy wow!!!!

So the husband came back from hunting and went full force on the kitchen renovation. I am posting two pictures of the after math of it ( I will post all the before later) Then you will be able to see where it all started. I left to take the daughter to her dance class and came back to all of this......
Now don't get me wrong i am super excited that he's gotten as far as he has (two days ahead of schedule, fingers crossed it stays that way) and the kitchen looks HUGE with it all open....
But the MESS wholly Hannah. I am by no means a 'neat freak' (no offence to the neat freaks out there) but wow, dust and crap every where. I knew it was going to be messy with the removal of the bulkheads but there was drywall and plaster and its a fine dust so you look around and it doesn't seem that bad but then you walk with black socks on and it comes off on them. On top of all that the daughter is slightly freaked out that there are now bigger wholes into the attic were the spiders live and the dog has no idea whats going on. I will have to deal with it all. I have advised the husband that he is not allowed to touch the rest of the bulkheads until he has taped off the doors leading to the hall and dinning room. Besides its his birthday today and I don't want him to complain later that I made him 'work' on his birthday!!! Happy Birthday Dear, have a fantastic day!!

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