Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Well its started....The husband has finished his 'shed/garage' enclosure finally. As a reward he is going 'hunting' for 5 days. Which means nothing else is getting started/done until he gets back. He's only asked me to 'pack' up the kitchen in preparation of the demolition when he returns, I can have the kitchen packed up in 1 day then what I am I suppose to do for 4 days???? Seriously thinking I could start the demolition (really how hard could it be)Really all there's not much to it, be careful not to ruin the walls behind the cabinets (less repair that way) and just start taking the old cabinets down. i know how to use a screwdriver, hammer... What I really want to do is throw a sledgehammer through the freakin cabinets just to get rid of them. But I wont...knowing my luck I would put a really big a hole in the wall and it wont be repairable. So do I wait??? or do I start slowly???

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  1. Smashing would be fun, but if you put a hole in the wall your husband would kill you (ironic, huh?).