Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Progress is what he calls it......

So the husband opted to knock some holes into the bulkhead just to make me happy. Now I have 4 gaping holes in the walls/ceiling and have to deal with my daughters hysterical cries cause she thinks she see spiders coming out of the holes. Didn't help that the husband decided to tell her he had had a dream about the holes and in his dream there were spiders and mice coming out of said holes. Good Grief!!! We did however find out that there is nothing in the bulkheads so we can rip them down. Yeah for small miracles. But all the walls are built up with drywall AND plaster = lots of dust!! Why would they do that??? It was a new extension onto the house....why not do it the new way.
Oh well we have a timeline to get everything done and with my fingers crossed we will hopefully meet this timeline. I really don't want to call the cabinet guy to push back the install date never mind that I would also have to change my holidays to work for a new install date. Man oh man!!!

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