Friday, November 13, 2009

Cabinet install has started...kind of!

Were to start.....
The 'guys' were to show up at 11ish and start the process, well thats not at all how it happened...
They showed up at 1030 to drop tools off, left to go and get the cabinets and bring it back to start. This took about 2 hrs, they dropped the cabinets off and then left to get another load??? I look out the window and they are using a passenger van to bring the cabinets to the house. Not a truck like you would think...So they left the house about 1230ish and I figured they would be back in a hour, not the case they didn't show back up until 330pm I was soooo mad the husband had to calm me down and talk to them him self. Now the husband is going hunting this weekend (again) and leaving me with the cabinet guys. hahahaha poor them He has advised them that if they piss me off I am not paying them. Man I have never seen two guys work so hard/fast in my life. They had the above finished before they left for the day. They stayed until 8pm to get it done. I asked him what time he would be back today and he replied early! Yes thay can get started by 8ish and work from there....Nah he meant they would be here between 10 - 1030am Now my understanding is THAT'S NOT EARLY!! So here I sit at 959 am waiting.....Keep you all posted.

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