Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Well everything is coming to a end, almost on time and on budget. The husband and I sat down to total up all the receipts and we're not looking to bad. A few unexpected things (taking down the ceiling was a big one) caused the budget to jump a little but with the help of a few friends (and a free faucet) we're almost on track again. The husband has decided that he wants a plumber to come in and install the under mount sink and dishwasher. He's worried that when drilling into the granite he will crack it and that would cost more than a plumber to come fix. He also figures he's paying a plumber to come in why not get him to install the dishwasher and garbage disposal also. So by this weekend the counter tops will be installed and the plumber is coming in on Monday (to expensive on weekends) and the tiler should be back late Monday to tile the back splash....maybe even Sunday if I can talk him into it. More pictures to come.

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