Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ode to a dishwasher......

Oh the glory days of a dishwasher!!! The husband hooked it up last night so i could do dishes. I am tired of washing them in the bathroom sink. Its fully hooked up except it drains into a bucket instead of the sink cause we don't have a sink yet. haha to funny last night having to empty a bucket in between cycles. But the dishes came out so clean and dry. No water pooling on top of the coffee cups.
Never thought I would miss my dishwasher so much.
On another note the counter tops might be installed on Friday instead of Saturday! Yeah!!!!
Plumber is still coming in Monday though :o( so fully functioning kitchen will still be operational on Monday night.
The tiler called to tell me he has been sick and unfortunately he will have to delay the back splash install till the second or third week of December. I am okay with this, i would much rather have him healthy than rush him to finish and still be sick.

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